Dear lisa stop dating violence

Women’s Haven will be presenting an event to help raise awareness of teen dating violence in our community.

The event will be held on Tuesday, February 21 at pm at Connections Church (1302 US Hwy 81, Duncan).

Unhealthy relationships can start early and last a lifetime.

We post prayer requests as they come in, on this page, following the form given below, usually within a day or two of receiving them. I am very lonely without you Sushila, please come back home soon. They never appreciate anything I do for them and they always blame me for the little things I do wrong. Please, help him realize his mistakes and to treat me with respect. Please help the children to want me around and like me as I do them. Please forgive me for my anger and my mistakes I’ve made in my life and for not providing that happiness and comfort that the woman of my life deserves. I filed for divorce from an abusive alcoholic husband 2 years ago. Help all my brothers and sisters return to the Catholic Church. Megan8/2/17: Pray that our business that will open this month will be successful and will be abundantly blessed by the Lord every day. Vero8/2/17: Dear Lord, I am thankful and grateful for all your blessings. Please pray for Dean and Curt to beat their cancer. I thank you for all you have done for me and I pray you will continue to help me through difficult times. If she does need the procedure, we need the Holy Spirit to intercede to provide guidance where she should have the procedure performed. To the Camp come people who are alcoholics or drug addicts. May his soul, and the souls of all the faithfully departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Nancy8/1/17: Please pray for my broken relationship with my mother and her mental health. Let there be no cancer, biopsies, or further testing. Prayers for the poor and needy and suffering and for the deceased of our families. I know it's a long message but I just don't have anybody to vent to. Heather7/30/17: Father, I ask you if you may please remove Maria Z. Please keep her far away from me and anyone else who wants to harm me. I'm in over my head and ready to just give up on all of this. Thank you so much, Angela7/30/17: Please pray that Steve's feelings grow for me. I also pray that he takes away anger, unforgiveness, and unmended hearts and replaces them with positive, loving thoughts, positive people, gentleness, and kindness. S.7/29/17: Please pray for Wilfred who is in critical condition on a ventilator with pancreatitis and complications. Vivianna7/29/17: God, please help my newborn and her mum, plus me, in Jesus’ Mighty Name. I pray for healing, peace, comfort, strength, and a long, long healthy life ahead, as he is young. Lori7/29/17: Heavenly Father, your son Lord Jesus Christ, and Blessed Mother Mary please pray for Penny E. She is very sick with kidney disease and diabetes and other illness. Lisa7/29/17: Please pray for Jonathan, a young man who is in Rehab. I've lost everything to 2 very dishonest mechanics who took all of my money and did not repair my car. Please heal my heart and soul by guiding James back to me because I truly know that we are truly so very perfect for each other and we are truly meant to be together. Diana7/29/17: Please pray for me, as I am having a very difficult time at my workplace. A great friend introduced me to an online business which I now sense is a scam. My mom just went back to work 2 weeks ago after not being able to for 7 weeks because of what they did to her. Paul Catholic Church today after work, the Church I was baptized in and the Church I miss so much. He had a massive heart attack yesterday, and most of his heart has been damaged as the result of several heart attacks. Krista7/27/17: St Jude, St Francis and St Anthony I come to ask you to help Ch to get better soon. Protect her, comfort her, ask Jesus to restore her to good health, and bless her and her parents.Studies investigating the effectiveness of programs to prevent dating violence are beginning to show positive results.Most programs focus on changing knowledge, attitudes and behaviors linked with dating violence while focusing on the skills needed to build healthy relationships.We're trying to give as many people as possible a chance to be heard on this prayer line. Prayer is a beautiful, as well as essential, way to ask for Our Lord’s help and blessings. I just feel a bit flat and with no happiness at all. Urgent prayer needed for my marriage to work better and be more loving. I'm so scared of my husband going off with someone else. I pray for better things to come to me, feeling so depressed. Bernadette C.8/11/17: Please pray for me, as I have a major issue with my old house that insurance won't cover. Gerry8/11/17: Please pray for me that my house will be sold. The house is in rough shape and no one is interested. I face a bleak future, as l've had nothing but bad luck. I'm putting this whole mess of my life in His hands. Please pray I will feel the security of His love today. I do not want to be sad anymore just because he gave up on us. Elizabeth8/11/17: My ex-husband and I divorced after 33 years. It's only been 8 months, and I miss him and want him back every single day. Things at work are not working out for me in all aspects. Please, that my granddaughter talks better and interacts with others. She forgave me for my wrongs and I have hers, and now I pray that we can one day embrace each other’s love in the comfort of our own home. I embrace you, Lord Jesus, and I thank you for your sacrifices. By some miracle help them be drawn to the Catholic Church and learn to read the Bible and pray the rosary. May God send the Holy Spirit to protect my parents and Fredo from harm, accidents, illness, depression, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. May He send the Holy Spirit to guide and help Oliver, Rich, Leonard, and Andrea in their careers so they'll succeed. Angels and saints in heaven, please intercede for my family. I'm only 24 and I know that I won't be able to wear a cap to an interview. I want to feel motivated to put all that aside to put my social anxiety aside to get out of my bed and go look for a job, but it's hard. I've used people, I've hurt people and I feel as if karma is just doing its job and that's why all this bad stuff is happening. I pray for anyone who is in the same situation or similar situations that I find myself in. Pray for us that God makes them to open up so that we get back the money. I believe in my heart every word written in the Bible, and I believe in prayer and I believe that my prayers are answered!! You know what our situation is and how badly we need help. Moani7/29/17: Please Lord help our family, we are having financial struggles and need help. Serena 7/27/17: Thank you to everyone who prayed for Louis to have good test results. Thanks to God and all his angels and saints, especially St Jude and St Anthony.Even when God doesn’t answer our prayers as we’d like, He gives us the grace to cope with our problems and tragedies better in any case. Our Lord Himself said “ask, and you shall receive” (John ). Kate8/12/17: Please pray for my Father who is in the hospital with a surgical infection in his leg. John 8/12/17: Holy Mother of God, I ask for your intervention in giving Philip good test results and to be in good health. Heather 8/12/17: I am request to you to please pray for my wife Sushila to come back home soon. I don't have any resources to cover the major damage that has occurred. Anthony8/11/17: Please pray that I became a better father and husband, to overcome my weaknesses, and to be the source of strength of my wife and daughter. Gilbert8/11/17: Please pray for my mother (70) having triple bypass surgery this morning. Please, help me realize my worth and please let him want me again, and to realize being apart is not the right thing. I still want to spend the rest of my life with him. As well as evil spirits that are facing in my direction. Please, that our faith grows stronger everyday; and please help me financially being the sole provider for my family and that I do a better at my job. I pray that I never lose this woman because she is the one I love and care for. I burden these problems on you, for I can't do it myself. I pray for this in the name of the Lord and Savior. Ruben 8/10/17: Please pray for me for a special intention. Chrishanthaa.8/10/17: I pray by the Heavenly Father's wisdom and help I am horrible at holding onto money. Cameron 8/10/17: I confess that I really and truly need Jesus in my life because I have been living a sinful life, and now I wholeheartedly want to repent and make a sincere comeback. He is married again and I wish him and his wife happiness and peace and so I free myself of all the past and move on. A lady8/8/17: I am not feeling myself of late and would like you to pray for me to be restored to good health, and to bless my home. Please pray for Jan and I to get back together soon and his love for me continues and grows stronger. Bernadette 8/3/17: Please pray for healing for my daughter. I'm currently in hospice with ESRD and liver disease among other painful illnesses. That in my final hours I be united with Jesus Christ, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and Saint Joseph. FM8/1/17: Prayers needed for my adult son, Jeff, who is holding on to anger. Please pray for me that God forgives my sins, especially the worst ones so I'm able to live a happier life to the fullest; and that he helps my mom and the rest of my loved ones too, to forgive them for their sins and to help them become better people. and me in continued prayers for improvement, developing and deepening of our relationship; strengthening of our love; that God leads and protects our future and further communication. Dear Jesus, i surrender everything into your hands and I trust in you. Evelyn7/29/17: Pray for the Church of Assumption in Asokoro, Abuja, Nigeria7/29/17: Pray that we get financial help and qualified and honest people to put our house back together. I want to hear Gods' voice, feel Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and walk in Gods' Blessings. Please ask God to send his powerful protective healing light to shine on Stan and have mercy on him. M 7/29/17: I ask for prayers to help me strengthen my relationship with my daughter. A.7/29/17: Dear Lord, I am thankful and grateful for all your blessings. 7/27/17: Please pray for my daughter Meghan so that she will become a good daughter, sister and mother.Many teens do not report it because they are afraid to tell friends and family. Youth who experience dating violence are more likely to experience the following: Additionally, youth who are victims of dating violence in high school are at higher risk for victimization during college.


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