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There are long distance bus services that will take you from Thailand to Malaysia as well but this costs a little more and takes a little longer as well.

If you’re short on time or simply a baller, flights from Thailand to Kuala Lumpur are very cheap; simply check out If you’re coming from outside of Asia, the International flights hub is Kuala Lumpur, you can get great deals with an array of different airlines.

To travel around Malaysia quickly would involve a lot of flights, but you’d be missing out on some epic overland scenery and road-trips.

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Procuring a person for prostitution, whether or not that person is already a prostitute or an ‘inmate of a brothel’, either in Antigua and Barbuda or elsewhere is illegal.

Here is some additional Malaysian roads are top notch in tourist areas but will quickly turn to gravel and dirt tracks as you venture further away from backpacker hubs and out of the cities.

Buses are a comfortable and affordable way to travel around Malaysiabut are not the fastest option.

I have found Malaysian Airlines and Emirates (via Dubai) offer some of the best prices into Malaysia.

Flying to other airports in Malaysia is easily done but will often cost more and you will stopover in Kuala Lumpur anyway, so you may as well hop off and explore!


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