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The image below gives an indication of how your order will be packaged.All orders are sent using discreet plain padded boxes for your privacy - with absolutely no indication of the contents.There was no evidence, they contended that the first house worked harder on the land than the second house and in any event the deceased treated and educated them all equally without discriminating between boys and girls in his lifetime.Discreet Packaging Pazuri takes your privacy very seriously.[4.] Both houses were agreed on the distribution relating to the Iten township plot, the Toyota vehicle, the tractor and its implements, the posho mill together with water tank and stores, the fodder-chopper and all the household furniture and effects except six items of minor significance.The major bone of contention related to the distribution of the 192 acres of land, and the liabilities of the estate.

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“But he does not provide enough for me and my daughter, so I have to do this to make some extra cash.” Annie is from a lower middle-class family in Mtwapa, a coastal township near Mombasa. She lives with her parents, who put food on the table and pay rent and other bills.

But Annie is aware that what she is doing is dangerous. “My father has said I should go back to school next year and repeat Standard Eight.

Once I go back to school, I will forget about this life,” Annie says hopefully.

At all events, according to Keiyo traditions, girls have no right to inheritance of their father’s estate.

[7.] The second house saw plain discrimination in that proposal and proposed a 50/50 share of the land, each house receiving 96 acres and deciding what to do with it.


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