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A source told Us Weekly: ‘It’s new, but she is really excited about it.

Kaley’s doing great post-divorce.’ The American actress and the older British star actually have an important thing in common – a love of animals.

reported the real reason behind the split was due to Sweeting’s alleged pill addiction.

A source said that Cuoco was willing to help but couldn’t any longer.

They then send in drones to confirm that information.Kaley is a very vocal campaigner against breed specific laws, namely those putting restrictions on pitt bulls, and dog fighting, while Paul runs a charity for wild elephants, selling T-shirts Poach Eggs, Not Elephants. I mean, she’s still twee (she named her child Elsie Otter, for the love of God), but she’s definitely matured a lot. Will a relationship with a mature 46-year-old actor – who presumably has his own life/career/stuff going on – change Kaley’s “extra” persona?Kaley has been a supporter of Paul’s work for some time posing up in one of his money-raising tees in April and again last month, around the same time they are rumoured to have started dating. Considering her last relationship involved moving in together after the first date and an engagement after three months, I’m hoping that Kaley has learned (the hard way) to be a little more reticent about love.Recently Cuoco shared an Instagram photo supporting her new beau’s conservation charity — this was on November 26.Two days after that, Cuoco sported new ink, which covered the wedding tattoo she famously got when getting hitched to Sweeting.Her new beau, Karl Cook, is a professional equestrian rider and a rising star in show jumping in North America and Europe.


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