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On some nights I suggested, and Noël readily agreed, that we invite Jesus to join us in a special time of fellowship with him and each other.We know he is always present with us, as he promised (Matt. But it is fitting that we fix our attention on his presence from time to time in a special way, and more consciously include him in the fellowship.If two believers are in a relationship, it would help for them to study the following 7 Bible quotes: When couples really love each other, they want the best for each other in all things.

He is also venerated in Sikhism, as well as Hindu warrior-ascetic traditions such as the Dadupanthis and the Niranjani Sampraday that emerged in north India during the Islamic rule. He is the subject of many miracle-filled hagiographies composed centuries after he died.We designed this resource to be used in practical, creative ways.In addition to the 30 devotions, we've included 10 EXTRA GRAPHICS at the end to help inspire and remind you daily. We’ve been married since 2003 and though we don’t know everything we promise to share what we do know honestly and transparently.This blessed Veronica and I a while ago when we read about how this pastor and his wife (Noël) spent time together in the scriptures and in prayer.We have done this though a couple books, and it is a rich time to sit together with the word.Through short chapters focused on such essential topics as prayer, simplicity, community, and purity, you will discover how to make your most important love relationships–with God and your potential mate–strong, lasting, and radiant.


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