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I enjoy going out for dinner with friends and then to the local bars.

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'I like to go fishing, waking up early and going with a boat to the middle of the sea.(See also: 21 nearly impossible shots that somehow got over the net.) . I have my own physio[therapist], and he stretches me each day. The stretching is very important, and to have good conditioning does help a lot. Sometimes it is too short of a time and I really can't recover fast enough.But that happens to all of us." Nadal is back—and he’s not going anywhere.Here are five amazing things you need to know about Rafa’s 2017 French Open win.Rafael Nadal established his clay court dominance long ago, but with this latest win, he’s in the history books once again.Nadal founded the charity in 2008 to help socially-disadvantaged children around the world.


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