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New versions of the Windows Operating System have quite a track record of being highly unstable and buggy when they are first released to the general populous, and Windows 10 did nothing but add to this reputation.

When it came out, Windows 10 was simply riddled with problems and issues, one of which was the “Preparing automatic repair” loop.

Pull down the “Utilities” menu option and choose “Terminal”, then type the following command into the prompt: The entire line matters, as the date must be correct in order to install OS X, specifically the year, because if the date set is prior to the release of OS X, the error will trigger.

Pay special attention to the year as an obvious indicator of something wrong.

Create a backup Before doing anything, we suggest backing up your data.

To determine if the Terminal date trick can fix those error messages and help you to successfully install OS X, you’ll need to turn to the command line while at the “Install OS X” boot menu.

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