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Forty-five years after its initial release, Luis Buñuel’s subversive mega-classic is as boundary-pushing as ever, its deft mix of edge and lightness underscored by Deneuve’s nimbly cool performance. Jeanne Moreau gives a keenly observant and morally ambiguous performance as Parisian maid Céléstine, transplanted to the French countryside to clean house at the manor of M. What she discovers in her wintry bucolic surroundings is anything but staid country life - shoe fetishes, simmering anti-Semitism and a brutal rape and murder are all pieces of the unsettling debris that rise to the surface in Luis Buñuel’s wicked, kinky take on the upstairs-downstairs genre.

There is now a lot of well-written, absorbing, idiosyncratic stuff to watch, and I have, helped by my insomnia, watched a lot of it.

But of all the long-form narrative series out there, I am most taken by the CBS series, (about to begin its seventh season on October 4th), though it is, by all counts, seemingly the most conventional.

As a network show, it lacks the taboo-breaking characteristics of cable; if you squint, it could be a standardized legal drama.

Graham knew that only an epic deception could remove the game’s most threatening player.

Visiting a local family and tasting a bit of home cooked food and real Chinese life after the tour to the Terracotta Warriors is a plus to your trip to Xian. Please contact us at least 24 hours in advance to arrange this activity.

While the jury – and viewers at home – were waiting in anticipation for him to pull out an Immunity Idol, he let the moment pass.

A double delight of kink and fetish from director Luis Buñuel.

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